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In this section, insured property is property that belongs to you or for which you are responsible as shown on the Schedule. 

It includes: 

  • household contents,
  • personal property (including office and home-industry equipment belonging to you in your private capacity),
  • fixtures and fittings that belong to you as the tenant, not the owner, of the private residence.


Your property insured is the private residential structures of your home.  The Schedule gives its risk address and wall and roof construction. It includes all fixtures and fittings that belong to you as the owner or that you are responsible for as the owner.  It does not include any fixtures and fittings that belong to a tenant or for which a tenant is responsible. It includes paved and surface areas (including driveways) of brick, concrete, aspahlt or stone (not gravel), boundary and other walls, gate posts, gates (including all mechinery related to the gates), fences (other than hedges), tennis courts, swimming pools, spa baths, saunas and associated machinery and equipment, but not including movable swimming pools, satellite dishes, lightning conductors/masts, fixed electric generators, borehole machinery supplying water solely for domestic purposes, septic tanks, fixed recreational and ornamental structures.


Means any car (private type of motor car including station wagons, minibuses, motorised caravans and the like, or similar vehicles signed to seat 10 persons or fewer and not exceeding 3500kg in gross vehicle mass), light delivery vehicle (including a panel van or double-cab not exceeding 3500kg in gross vehicle mass), caravan (which is not self-propelled, and which is designed or adapted to be towed by a self-propelled vehicle) or motorcylce (means a motorcycle, scooter, scrambler or quad bike) and trailer (which is not self-propelled, and which is designed or adapted to be towed by a self-propelled vehicle).

All Risks

Basic Cover

Clothing and personal effects - insure loss of or damge to:

  • clothing and personal effects normally worn or carried by or on a person;
  • personal sporting equipment normally worn or used by a person.

Watercraft/Pleasure Craft

Means the hull not exceeding eight metres in length, inboard motors, rudder, propeller, hoardings, moorings, sails, spars, masts, rigging, fixtures, fittings and equipment of any watercraft but  this exclusions can be added under optional cover.


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